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MIMIC II: Clinical Database Overview

The MIMIC II Clinical Database is one of the two MIMIC II Databases. The Clinical Database contains comprehensive clinical data from tens of thousands of Intensive Care Unit (ICU) patients. The data were collected between 2001 and 2008 from a variety of ICUs (medical, surgical, coronary care, and neonatal) in a single tertiary teaching hospital. Records have been de-identified using software developed for that purpose. Due to its sensitive information, access to the MIMIC II Clinical Database is restricted to registered users. See MIMIC II: Getting Access for details.

Clinical Database Categories:

The following list is not comprehensive but is intended as an overview of the data categories.

Although the database does not currently contain codes that indicate the procedures performed on a patient, the nursing notes, discharge summaries and charted parameters may be used to infer this information (Procedure (CPT) codes will be provided in later MIMIC II releases). For a more detailed description of the database categories, please see the database description in the MIMIC II Users Guide.

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