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function varargout=wfdbdesc(varargin)


    Wrapper to WFDB WFDBDESC:

 Reads a WFDB record metadata and returns:

       Nx1 vector of siginfo structures with the following fields:

       LengthSamples           : Number of samples in record (integer)
       LengthTime              : Duration of record  (String WFDB Time)
       RecordName              : Record name (String)
       RecordIndex             : Record Index (Integer)
       Description             : Signal Description (String)
       SamplingFrequency       : Sampling Frequency w/ Units (String)
       File                    : File name (String)
       SignalIndex             : Zero Based Signal Index (Integer)
       StartTime               : Start Time (String WFDB Time)
       Group                   : Group (Integer)
       AdcResolution           : Bit resolution of the singal (String)
       AdcZero                 : Physical value for 0 ADC (double)
       Baseline                : Physical zero level of signal (Integer)
       CheckSum                : 16-bit checksum of all samples (Integer)
       Format                  : WFDB's Format of the samples (String)
       Gain                    : ADC units per physical unit (String)
       InitialValue            : Value of sample 1 in the signal (Integer)
       IO                      : IO Type  (String)

 Fs   (Optional)
       Nx1 vector of doubles representing the sampling frequency of each
       signal in Hz (if the 'SamplingFrequency' string is parsable).

 Required Parameters:

       String specifying the name of the record in the WFDB path or
       in the current directory.


 Written by Ikaro Silva, 2013

 Modified by Ikaro Silva, December 3, 2014

 Version 2.0

 Since 0.0.1
 See also RDSAMP