EVAL_ST Tool 1.0.0

File: <base>/EVAL_ST/src/geval_st.hlp (2,642 bytes)

Usage of the geval_st (EVAL_ST) graphic user interface to evaluate
transient ST segment episode detectors:

                      Options                     Mnemonic  Accelerator


                      Open                        Alt+F O   Ctrl+O
         Opens evaluation project file <database>_<algorithm>.evl
         which contain the list of records given the algorithm
         <algorithm> and database for testing<database>

                      Examine                     Alt+F E   Ctrl+E
         Opens secondary window with information about statistics
         already perfromed given the selected evaluation project

                      Quit                        Alt+F Q   Ctrl+Q

         Quits the interface

                      Ischemic/Heart-rate ...     Alt+E I   Ctrl+I
         Sets the evaluation mode when the ischemic and non-ischemic
         heart-rate related episodes are differentiated

                      ST segment changes          Alt+E S   Ctrl+S

         Sets the evaluation mode when all the episodes are considered
         as episodes of single type

                      Record                      Alt+S R   Ctrl+R    
         Opens the dialog to select a singe record for evaluation
         and then performs evaluation for the selected record

                      Evaluate                    Alt+A E   Ctrl+A

         Performs aggregate statistics for the selected evaluation

                      Extrema                     Alt+A X   Ctrl+X
         Performs evaluation of ST segment deviation measurements
         for the selected evaluation project

                      Number_of_bootstrap_trials  Alt+B N   Ctrl+N
         Opens the dialog to set the nuber of bootstrap trials to 
         be used

                      Evaluate                    Alt+B E   Ctrl+B      
         Performs the bootstrap evaluation for the selected evaluation

                      Compare                     Alt+M C   Ctrl+C
         Opens a "summary" secondary window and displays the relevant
         statistics of the last three performance evaluation projects

                      Differences                 Alt+M D   Ctrl+D
         Comparison of algorithms

Help                  Help                        Alt+H H   Ctrl+H

         This message