WFDB Software Package 10.7.0

File: <base>/wfdb.spec (7,282 bytes)
# Note that this is NOT a relocatable package

Summary: Waveform Database Software Package
Name: wfdb
Version: VERSION
License: GPL
Group: Libraries
Vendor: PhysioNet
Packager: George Moody <>
Requires: curl >= 7.10
Requires: curl-devel >= 7.10
Requires: expat-devel
BuildRoot: /var/tmp/%{name}-root

* Sat Mar 12 2011 George B Moody <>
- install to /usr/local, added expat-devel dependency

* Wed Oct 6 2010 George B Moody <>
- added annxml, heaxml, xmlann, xmlhea

* Sun May 3 2009 George B Moody <>
- moved wfdb-config from devel to apps

* Thu Feb 29 2009 George B Moody <>
- added wfdb2mat

* Wed Feb 18 2009 George B Moody <>
- added wfdbtime

* Wed Apr 9 2008 George B Moody <>
- added rdedfann, signame, signum

* Wed May 11 2006 George B Moody <>
- better solution for problems with compiled-in paths

* Wed May 10 2006 George B Moody <>
- rewrote install section to solve problems with compiled-in paths

* Wed Aug 3 2005 George B Moody <>
- added --dynamic to 'configure' argument list

* Wed Jun 8 2005 George B Moody <>
- replaced libwww dependencies with libcurl

* Mon Mar 8 2004 George B Moody <>
- added time2sec

* Wed Mar 19 2003 George B Moody <>
- added --mandir to build, fixed linking in post

* Wed Dec 18 2002 George B Moody <>
- split into wfdb, wfdb-devel, wfdb-app, wfdb-wave, wfdb-doc subpackages

* Sun Dec 8 2002 George B Moody <>
- paths now use rpm's variables where possible

# ---- common prep/build/install/clean/post/postun ----------------------------


# The 'make' commands below create HTML, PDF, and PostScript versions of the
# WFDB Programmer's Guide, WFDB Applications Guide, and WAVE User's Guide.
make clean
PATH=$PATH:/usr/openwin/bin ./configure --prefix=/usr/local --dynamic --mandir=%{_mandir}
cd doc/wpg-src; make
cd ../wag-src; make
cd ../wug-src; make

make install
make collect
cd /tmp/wfdb; cp -pr . $RPM_BUILD_ROOT

make clean


# ---- wfdb [shared library] package ------------------------------------------

The WFDB (Waveform Database) library supports creating, reading, and annotating
digitized signals in a wide variety of formats.  Input can be from local files
or directly from web or FTP servers (via the W3C's libwww).  WFDB applications
need not be aware of the source or format of their input, since input files are
located by searching a path that may include local and remote components, and
all data are transparently converted on-the-fly into a common format.  Although
created for use with physiologic signals such as those in PhysioBank
(, the WFDB library supports a broad
range of general-purpose signal processing applications.


# ---- wfdb-devel package -----------------------------------------------------

%package devel
Summary: WFDB developer's toolkit
Group: Development/Libraries
Requires: wfdb = VERSION

%description devel
This package includes files needed to develop new WFDB applications in C, C++,
and Fortran, examples in C and in Fortran, and miscellaneous documentation.

%files devel

# ---- wfdb-app package -------------------------------------------------------

%package app
Summary: WFDB applications
Group: Applications/Scientific
Requires: wfdb >= VERSION

%description app
About 60 applications for creating, reading, transforming, analyzing,
annotating, and viewing digitized signals, especially physiologic signals.
Applications include digital filtering, event detection, signal averaging,
power spectrum estimation, and many others.

%files app

# ---- wfdb-wave package ------------------------------------------------------

%package wave
Summary: Waveform Analyzer, Viewer, and Editor.
Group: X11/Applications/Science
Requires: wfdb >= VERSION
Requires: wfdb-app
Requires: xview >= 3.2
Requires: xview-devel >= 3.2

%description wave
WAVE provides an environment for exploring digitized signals and time series.
It provides fast, high-quality views of data stored locally or on remote
web or FTP servers, flexible control of standard and user-provided analysis
modules, efficient interactive annotation editing, and support for multiple
views on the same or different displays to support collaborative analysis and
annotation projects.  WAVE has been used to develop annotations for most of
the PhysioBank databases (

WAVE uses the XView graphical user interface.

%files wave
%config %{_prefix}/lib/wavemenu.def
%config %{_prefix}/lib/X11/app-defaults/Wave
%doc wave/anntab

# ---- wfdb-doc package -------------------------------------------------------

%package doc
Summary: WFDB documentation.
Group: Documentation

%description doc
This package includes HTML, PostScript, and PDF versions of the WFDB
Programmer's Guide, the WFDB Applications Guide, and the WAVE User's Guide.

%files doc
%doc doc/wag doc/wpg doc/wug