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We present here a QT database designed for evaluation of algorithms that detect waveform boundaries in the ECG. The database consists of 105 fifteen-minute excerpts of two-channel ECG Holter recordings, chosen to include a broad variety of QRS and ST-T morphologies. Waveform boundaries for a subset of beats in these recordings have been manually determined by expert annotators using an interactive graphic display to view both signals simultaneously and to insert the annotations. Examples of each morphology were included in this subset of annotated beats; at least 30 beats in each record, 3622 beats in all, were manually annotated in the database. In 11 records, two independent sets of annotations have been included, to allow inter-observer variability studies. The QT Database is available in the format previously used for the MIT-BIH Arrhythmia Database and the European ST-T Database, from which some of the recordings in the QT Database have been obtained.