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wfdbmap - make a synoptic map of a WFDB record


wfdbmap -r record [ -a annotator ... ]
map-record -r record [ -a annotator ... ]


wfdbmap generates a shell script containing commands and embedded data for creating a synoptic map of a WFDB-compatible record, optionally including one or more associated sets of annotations (specified by one or more annotator names following the -a option). When the script is run, it creates a PostScript-format ’map’ of the WFDB record and its annotations, using lwplt from the plt(1) package. The maps displayed by the PhysioBank ATM are created in this way, with an additional conversion of the PostScript map to browser-compatible PNG format using convert from ImageMagick (

map-record is a shell script that illustrates how wfdbmap and (indirectly) plt are used to create a map, and how to convert the PostScript map into a PNG-format map using convert.

For example, to make a map of mitdb/200 and its associated ’atr’ annotations, run the command:

map-record mitdb/200 -a atr

The outputs of this command are and 200.png. If other annotation files are available, their annotator names can be given as additional command-line arguments:

map-record record -a ann1 ann2 ann3 ...


It may be necessary to set and export the shell variable WFDB (see setwfdb(1) ).

See Also

plt(1) , setwfdb(1)


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