Challenge 2011 Training Set A

This is a collection of 1000 twelve-lead ECGs, each 10 seconds long, to be used as a training set for the PhysioNet/Computers in Cardiology Challenge 2011. The challenge entails determining which of the similar records in the test sets are acceptable for interpretation, and which are not.

Reference classifications: A preliminary set of classifications for this training set is available; records listed in RECORDS-acceptable are considered on the basis of currently available information to be acceptable for classification, and those listed in RECORDS-unacceptable are not. These preliminary classifications may be revised.

File formats: The records are provided in both CSV format (.txt files) and standard PhysioBank format (.hea and .dat files). The .hea files are short text files that specify the format of the binary .dat signal files. The formats are those used elsewhere on PhysioNet; see the FAQ for details. Note that the last line of each .hea file indicates the age and gender of the subject if known (unknown ages are recorded as 0, and ages over 89 are recorded as 90). No other information is available about the subjects of these recordings.

Download individual files from the list below, or download the entire dataset as a tarball (set-a.tar.gz, about 103 MB). See the FAQ if you are not familiar with unpacking tarballs.

For additional information, see the Challenge 2011 home page.