Lightweight 12-lead ECG viewer for MATLAB 1.0.0

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# 12-lead-ECG-viewer
Clinical Viewer of raw digital 12-lead ECG file (ECG file in .txt format). Viewer can be installed in a computer without pre-installed Matlab. Use provided MATLAB app installer file name "MyAppInstaller_web.exe" to install this APP in any PC computer, and follow installation instructions.  Current version is for Windows 7 only.

 ## Table of Content
   - 12-lead clinical ECG viewer
   - Test file: raw digital 12-lead ECG file in a text file format
   - Packed APP for installation in computers that don't have pre-installed Matlab. 

 ### Authors
ECG viewer V.1
Yin Li-Pershing, BS and Erick A. Perez-Alday, PhD.

 ### MATLAB Code
-See .m files in the repository for the Viewer. 

### Test file
-Test file (.txt) is provided for testing. Sampling rate 500 Hz. Amplitude resolution 1 µV.