Detecting and Quantifying T-Wave Alternans: The PhysioNet/Computing in Cardiology Challenge 2008 1.0.0

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The table below indicates reference ranks and sources for each record in the
T-Wave Alternans Challenge Database (twadb).

Column 1 is the name of the record within the twadb.

Column 2 is the reference rank derived from the ranks assigned by challenge
entries.  High ranks correspond to records with larger amounts of TWA.
(Thus the record judged to contain the most TWA has a rank of 100, etc.)

Column 3 specifies the data collection from which each record originates,
which is one of:
      inc    St. Petersburg Institute of Cardiological Technics 12-lead
      	      Arrhythmia Database
      lts    Long-Term ST Database
      nsr    MIT-BIH Normal Sinus Rhythm Database
      ptb    PTB Diagnostic ECG Database (patients)
      ptbc   PTB Diagnostic ECG Database (healthy subjects)
      sdd    Sudden Cardiac Death Holter Database
      syn    synthesized ECGs with TWA
      sync   synthesized ECGs without TWA

Column 4 is the name of the original record from which the twadb record was

twadb	ref.	source	source
record	rank	type	record name

twa00	1	sdd	sddb/30
twa02	2	sdd	sddb/52
twa04	3	lts	ltstdb/s30801
twa05	4	sdd	sddb/52
twa07	5	lts	ltstdb/s30771
twa08	6	sdd	sddb/31
twa10	7	nsr	nsrdb/19090
twa11	8	ptb	ptbdb/patient049/s0178lre
twa12	9	inc	incartdb/I24
twa16	10	inc	incartdb/I67
twa14	11	lts	ltstdb/s30761
twa20	12	ptb	ptbdb/patient093/s0371lre
twa23	13	nsr	nsrdb/19830
twa18	14	ptb	ptbdb/patient043/s0141lre
twa24	15	inc	incartdb/I12
twa26	16	inc	incartdb/I40
twa22	17	sdd	sddb/34
twa32	18	lts	ltstdb/s30761
twa27	19	inc	incartdb/I40
twa38	20	ptb	ptbdb/patient080/s0315lre
twa19	21	ptb	ptbdb/patient049/s0186lre
twa39	22	ptbc	ptbdb/patient243/s0472_re
twa40	23	ptb	ptbdb/patient038/s0125lre
twa31	24	ptb	ptbdb/patient043/s0278lre
twa41	25	ptb	ptbdb/patient038/s0128lre
twa45	26	sdd	sddb/31
twa28	27	syn	stwdb/c101
twa42	28	ptb	ptbdb/patient049/s0314lre
twa30	29	syn	stwdb/d101
twa36	30	ptb	ptbdb/patient093/s0396lre
twa43	31	lts	ltstdb/s30721
twa44	32	inc	incartdb/I25
twa46	33	ptbc	ptbdb/patient245/s0480_re
twa35	34	syn	stwdb/e101
twa37	35	lts	ltstdb/s30742
twa47	36	ptb	ptbdb/patient004/s0020bre
twa48	37	ptb	ptbdb/patient049/s0173lre
twa49	38	ptb	ptbdb/patient043/s0144lre
twa53	39	ptb	ptbdb/patient058/s0216lre
twa54	40	ptb	ptbdb/patient291/s0554_re
twa56	41	inc	incartdb/I24
twa25	42	syn	stwdb/e102
twa55	43	ptbc	ptbdb/patient247/s0479_re
twa61	44	nsr	nsrdb/16420
twa60	45	ptbc	ptbdb/patient255/s0491_re
twa57	46	lts	ltstdb/s30771
twa59	47	sdd	sddb/45
twa58	48	inc	incartdb/I12
twa52	49	sync	stwdb/f001
twa62	50	nsr	nsrdb/16539
twa03	51	ptb	ptbdb/patient093/s0367lre
twa63	52	sdd	sddb/30
twa65	53	ptb	ptbdb/patient004/s0020are
twa71	54	nsr	nsrdb/19088
twa74	55	inc	incartdb/I67
twa66	56	ptb	ptbdb/patient093/s0378lre
twa77	57	lts	ltstdb/s30721
twa85	58	lts	ltstdb/s30741
twa68	59	sdd	sddb/34
twa78	60	syn	stwdb/b101
twa75	61	ptb	ptbdb/patient056/s0196lre
twa80	62	lts	ltstdb/s30742
twa90	63	ptbc	ptbdb/patient239/s0467_re
twa83	64	ptb	ptbdb/patient093/s0375lre
twa76	65	syn	stwdb/a101
twa84	66	inc	incartdb/I25
twa86	67	ptb	ptbdb/patient273/s0511_re
twa92	68	lts	ltstdb/s30741
twa64	69	syn	stwdb/a102
twa87	70	ptb	ptbdb/patient038/s0162lre
twa89	71	lts	ltstdb/s30801
twa69	72	syn	stwdb/c102
twa94	73	ptb	ptbdb/patient080/s0261lre
twa67	74	syn	stwdb/d103
twa70	75	syn	stwdb/d104
twa93	76	nsr	nsrdb/16773
twa17	77	syn	stwdb/b107
twa88	78	syn	stwdb/c103
twa95	79	sdd	sddb/45
twa96	80	ptb	ptbdb/patient080/s0265lre
twa99	81	ptbc	ptbdb/patient242/s0471_re
twa15	82	syn	stwdb/c108
twa51	83	syn	stwdb/a104
twa82	84	syn	stwdb/e104
twa81	85	sync	stwdb/f000
twa98	86	syn	stwdb/b103
twa06	87	syn	stwdb/d109
twa21	88	syn	stwdb/d105
twa33	89	syn	stwdb/b105
twa13	90	syn	stwdb/e112
twa01	91	syn	stwdb/c111
twa09	92	syn	stwdb/d110
twa50	93	syn	stwdb/a108
twa91	94	syn	stwdb/c112
twa79	95	syn	stwdb/a110
twa97	96	syn	stwdb/b109
twa29	97	syn	stwdb/b111
twa73	98	syn	stwdb/e107
twa72	99	syn	stwdb/e109
twa34	100	syn	stwdb/a112