ECG-Kit 1.0

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# Welcome to the ecg-kit !

This toolbox is a collection of Matlab tools that I used, adapted or developed during my PhD and post-doc work with the [Besicos group at University of Zaragoza](, Spain and at the [National Technological University]( of Buenos Aires, Argentina. The ECG-kit has tools for reading, processing and presenting results, as you can see in the [documentation]( or in these demos on [Youtube](

The main feature of the this toolbox is the possibility to use several popular algorithms for ECG processing, such as:

* Algorithms from Physionet's [WFDB software package](
* QRS detectors, such as [gqrs](, [wqrs](, [wavedet](, [ecgpuwave](, [Pan & Tompkins](, [EP limited](
* [Wavedet ECG delineator](
* Pulse wave detectors as [wabp]( and [wavePPG](
* [a2hbc]( and [EP limited]( heartbeat classifiers.
* And other scritps for inspecting, correcting and reporting all these results. 

with the same application programmer interface (API) directly in Matlab, under Windows, Linux or Mac. The kit also implements a recording interface which allows processing several ECG formats, such as MIT, ISHNE, HES, Mortara, and AHA, of arbitrary recording size (the record so far is a 1 week recording of 3 leads, sampled at 500 Hz).

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This kit also includes many open-source projects such as [WFDB Toolbox for MATLAB and Octave]( from [Physionet](, [PRtools](, [Libra](, [export_fig]( from [undocumented Matlab](, and other open-source scripts that have their proper references to the original projects or authors.

## Voluntary contributions
Many thanks to Andrés Demski from UTN who helped to this project before he learned how to use it. To **all** the friends in Zaragoza, Porto and Lund, but in special to the ones closest to the project:

* Pablo Laguna, Juan Pablo Martínez, Rute Almeida and Juan Bolea, for the wavedet ECG delineator and many parts of the Biosig browser project that were adapted to this project. 
* Jesús Lázaro and Eduardo Gil for the PPG / ABP pulse detection code.
* Li-wei Lehman from Physionet/MIT helped a lot in testing the first versions of the kit.

## Involuntary contributions
The acknowledgements also goes to all these people, important in many ways to the fulfilment of this project

* George Moody, Wei Zong, Ikaro Silva, for all the software of [Physionet](
* Reza Sameni, for his [Open-Source ECG Toolbox (OSET)](
* Bob Duin and all the team behind [PRtools](
* Yair Altman from [undocumented Matlab](
* Diego Armando Maradona for [this](