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file: INSTALL		G. Moody		25 February 2006
      			Last revised:		 21 July 2013

Installing ecgpuwave under GNU/Linux, Mac OS/X, MS-Windows, or Unix

1. Install the GNU Fortran compiler, gfortran.  (See ecgpuwave-1.3.1 if you
   have the older g77 compiler.)

2. Install the WFDB Software Package (freely available from PhysioNet,
   see, if you have not
   already done so.

3. Create a working directory for compiling ecgpuwave, copy the files
   from this directory into it, and enter that directory.

4. Compile and install ecgpuwave using the command:
	make install
   You may need root (admin) privileges to complete this step successfully.

   If you don't have root privileges, you can still compile ecgpuwave without
   installing it by typing 'make';  you will then need to move the executable
   file (ecgpuwave.exe on MS-Windows, ecgpuwave on all other platforms) into
   a directory in your PATH before running it.

5. Test ecgpuwave using the command:
	make check
   In this two-part test, ecgpuwave analyzes the one-minute WFDB sample
   record 100s, and its output is compared with the output expected for
   ecgpuwave when running on an x86 CPU.  Test 1 succeeds if there are no
   differences at all, and test 2 succeeds if all discrepancies are one
   sample interval or less.

   Since ecgpuwave makes heavy use of floating point arithmetic, the waveform
   boundaries it determines when running on another CPU type may occasionally
   vary by one sample interval from the expected output for an x86 CPU.  On the
   PPC-Mac OS X platform, it is normal for test 1 to fail, but test 2 should
   succeed.  If test 2 fails, this observation should be reported.

For additional information about using ecgpuwave, visit:

This information is also included here as 'ecgpuwave.1' (in Unix 'man' format).