pNNx - Time Domain Heart Rate Variability Analysis 1.0.0

File: <base>/pNNx.src/Makefile (1,301 bytes)
# file: Makefile	I. Henry, J. Mietus, G. Moody	23 February 2003
# 'make' description file for compiling 'pnnlist'

# Check the settings below and change them if necessary for your platform,
# then run 'make' to compile 'pnnlist'.

# The GNU C compiler, gcc, is recommended for compiling pnnlist.  gcc is
# available for all current and many older versions of Unix (including
# GNU/Linux and Mac OS/X), MS-Windows, and many other platforms.
# Other ANSI/ISO C compilers should work but are not supported.

# CFLAGS specifies options for the C compiler.  The following setting
# should work for most platforms, including GNU/Linux, Mac OS/X, most
# versions of Unix including Solaris, and MS-Windows using Cygwin gcc:

# Uncomment the next line to compile a non-Cygwin binary under MS-Windows:
#CFLAGS=-O -mno-cygwin

# The included 'qsort.c' (from NetBSD via FreeBSD) is recommended, especially
# under Solaris (which has a severely broken qsort) or under MS-Windows (unless
# using Cygwin gcc).

# If you want to try using your system's qsort (not recommended under Solaris,
# nor under MS-Windows unless using Cygwin gcc), uncomment the next two lines:
#CFLAGS=-O -Dbsd_qsort=qsort
pnnlist: 	pnnlist.c $(QSORT)
		$(CC) $(CFLAGS) -o pnnlist pnnlist.c $(QSORT)