WFDB SWIG Toolbox for MATLAB 1.0.0

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#To install the WFDB Toolbox:

1) Unzip the zip file into a temporary directory (say, "C:\tmp")

2) Start MATLAB, cd into the directory created at step 1) and run "wfdb_install" from within the MATLAB prompt.
   NOTE: After the script is done running you will be informed to copy some path files 
   from the WFDB Toolbox directory to a standard MATLAB directory. This is required in order
   for MATLAB to load the native libraries and Java classes associated with the WFDB Toolbox. 
   Failure to so will result in loading error messages when attempting to use WFDB functions.

3) Once installation is complete (including the manual copying of path files), restart MATLAB.

#Getting help and information about the WFDB Toolbox
For a information about the Toolbox and the list of functions associated with it
type: "wfdb" at the MATLAB prompt.