WFDB Software Package 10.7.0

File: <base>/check-manifest (1,487 bytes)
# file: check-manifest		G. Moody	14 December 2001
#				Last revised:    26 August 2014
# Verify tarball contents

sort -f <MANIFEST | grep . | grep -v ${PACKAGE} >../expected-MANIFEST
sed 's+/$++' <../${PACKAGE}-MANIFEST | sort -f | grep . | \
 grep -v ${PACKAGE} >../sort.$$
mv ../sort.$$ ../${PACKAGE}-MANIFEST
if diff ../expected-MANIFEST ../${PACKAGE}-MANIFEST
  rm -f ../expected-MANIFEST ../${PACKAGE}-MANIFEST
  cat <<EOF

The contents of ${PACKAGE} match the MANIFEST -- no errors were detected.

  cat <<EOF

Oops! The MANIFEST does not match the contents of ${PACKAGE}!
The 'diff' output above indicates which file(s) do not match.
There are four possible reasons for this problem:
  1. A file belonging to the package is missing;  find it!
     Look in previous versions of the package for the missing file.
  2. A file that does not belong to the package is present within this
     directory or one of its subdirectories;  remove it!
  3. A new file in the package is not mentioned in the MANIFEST;  in this
     case, replace MANIFEST with ../${PACKAGE}-MANIFEST.
  4. A file formerly belonging to the package has been removed;  in this
     case, replace MANIFEST with ../${PACKAGE}-MANIFEST.
Read the 'diff' output above to identify which reason(s) apply.  Be careful
not to replace MANIFEST unless all errors related to reasons 1 and 2 have
been corrected.  In any case, rerun 'make tarballs' after correcting the