WFDB Software Package 10.7.0

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file: README		G. Moody	 28 July 1989
			Last revised:	26 October 2002

This directory contains sources for the C-language example programs in the WFDB
Programmer's Guide.  The Fortran examples are in ../fortran/.   See the Guide
for details on the programs.

For information about `stdev.c', see the WAVE User's Guide.

A note about `refhr.c'

The file `refhr.c' is a sample implementation of a program for obtaining
reference heart rate data, as described in `Evaluating ECG Analyzers', an
appendix to the WFDB Applications Guide.  If you need to evaluate the accuracy
of heart rate measurements made by an ECG analyzer, modify `refhr.c' so that it
uses the measurement algorithms made by the analyzer rather than the sample
algorithms provided.  (You may wish to compile and run the version of `refhr'
provided here first, in order to see how it works, but this will not be useful
for testing your analyzer's heart rate measurements unless your analyzer
happens to use one of the algorithms provided in the sample implementation of

Compile and run your modified version of `refhr', providing it with the
reference (`atr') annotation files for your test database as input.  Collect
the output annotation files produced by `refhr'.  Modify your analyzer so that
it records its heart rate measurements in output annotation files, in the same
format as those produced by `refhr', and run your analyzer, providing it with
the signals from your test database as input.  Finally, use `mxm' and
`sumstats' (in ../app) to compare the annotation files generated by your
analyzer and by your modified version of `refhr'.