Challenges Overview

PhysioNet supports open challenges, which invite participants to tackle clinically interesting questions that are either highly topical or neglected. Since the launch of PhysioNet in 1999, PhysioNet has co-hosted the annual George B. Moody PhysioNet Challenge in collaboration with Computing in Cardiology. We also support external challenges hosted by our wider community

For information on the current George B. Moody PhysioNet Challenge, see:

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The George B. Moody PhysioNet Challenges

Formerly known as the PhysioNet/Computing in Cardiology Challenge, the George B. Moody PhysioNet Challenge runs from Jan/Feb through August each year. For details of this year's event, please see the Current Challenge Site. A list of past Challenges with links to outputs (open source code and open access data), can be found here.

Organizing a Moody PhysioNet Challenge

If you are interested in contributing to, or posing a Moody PhysioNet Challenge, please feel free to contact us (at with details of the data and labels that you can provide, the nature of the problem that you wish to solve, and some demo code that makes a basic attempt to solve the problem. We strongly recommend having at least three independent databases, two to become public, and one to remain private/hidden. Depending on the data, we generally need about one year to prepare a Challenge. For more information on the general aims and framework of the Challenge, and the criteria for a successful event, please see here.

Community Challenges

Community challenges, organized independently of the annual Moody PhysioNet Challenge, can be found here. For information about a specific Community Challenge please contact the author on the PhysioNet project page.

Organizing a Community Challenge

If you are interested in publishing a challenge independent of the Moody PhysioNet Challenge, please use the project submission system and select Challenge as the project type. We will subsequently review your project proposal. Once published, the information about your Challenge and the project code and data will be made available to the public. We can also announce your project in our News Feed.

General Information

If you need support for a Community Challenge or have a general question which isn’t related to a Moody PhysioNet Challenge, please contact us at