Community Challenges

PhysioNet provides support to Community challenges, organized independently of the annual George B. Moody PhysioNet Challenge. More information on the Community challenges can be found here. For information about a specific Community Challenge please contact the author on the PhysioNet project page. Past challenges are listed here:

Title Date
Discharge Me: BioNLP ACL'24 Shared Task on Streamlining Discharge Documentation April 12, 2024
SNOMED CT Entity Linking Challenge Dec. 19, 2023
BioNLP Workshop 2023 Shared Task 1A: Problem List Summarization Nov. 12, 2023
CXR-LT: Multi-Label Long-Tailed Classification on Chest X-Rays Sept. 28, 2023
MIT Critical Datathon 2023: a MIMIC-IV Derived Dataset for Pulse Oximetry Correction Models May 8, 2023
Paroxysmal Atrial Fibrillation Events Detection from Dynamic ECG Recordings: The 4th China Physiological Signal Challenge 2021 June 21, 2021
WiDS (Women in Data Science) Datathon 2020: ICU Mortality Prediction Jan. 22, 2020
2018 IEEE BHI and BSN Data Challenge Feb. 5, 2018
Analysis of Clinical Text: Task 14 of SemEval 2015 Dec. 28, 2014
ShAReCLEF eHealth Evaluation Lab 2014 (Task 2): Disorder Attributes in Clinical Reports Nov. 1, 2013
ShAReCLEF eHealth 2013: Natural Language Processing and Information Retrieval for Clinical Care Feb. 15, 2013
Is the normal heart rate chaotic? Oct. 30, 2008