Robust Detection of Heart Beats in Multimodal Data: The PhysioNet/Computing in Cardiology Challenge 2014 1.0.0

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We have decided to make a final change to the presentation format for the PhysioNet Challenge sessions in CinC in order to accommodate questions for each presenter:

* There will be two 90-minute sessions devoted to the Challenge (S51 and S71).
Your presentation has been scheduled in one of these two sessions.

* Each session will start with a five-minute presentation of the Challenge background given by the Challenge organizers.

* You will be given a strictly enforced three-minute presentation time, followed by a two-minute question and answer period. We recommend you use at most 3 slides. In your three-minute presentation, please focus on your methods and on your results. Please do not include a conventional introduction that describes the Challenge problem, its significance, the data used, etc., because these will be described by the Challenge organizers in the introductory talk. 

* The remaining time in each session (15 minutes ) will be used for a general discussion.

Please rehearse your talk, be sure that you can present it within three minutes without speaking too rapidly to be understood.  To be fair to all speakers, the chairs will strictly enforce the three-minute presentation limit and the two-minute limit question and answer period. A detailed schedule of the two sessions is attached to this email.

Each speaker's presentation must be submitted via email to the Challenge organizers ( by September 1, 2014.  Your slides should be in PDF format.  It will not be possible to include animations, zooming, pop-ups, progressive reveal, or other special effects in your slides.  Your are free to use any template you would like.