Detecting and Quantifying Sleep Apnea from the ECG: Papers about the 2000 Challenge

The following paper describes the PhysioNet/Computers in Cardiology Challenge.

Stimulating Rapid Research Advances Via Focused Competition: The Computers In Cardiology Challenge 2000
GB Moody, RG Mark, AL Goldberger, T Penzel
Computers in Cardiology 2000;27:207-210.

The following papers were presented at the Computers in Cardiology Conference.

The Apnea-ECG Database
T Penzel, GB Moody, RG Mark, AL Goldberger, JH Peter
Computers in Cardiology 2000;27:255-258.

Detection of Sleep Apnoea from Frequency Analysis of Heart-Rate Variability
MJ Drinnan, J Allen, P Langley, A Murray
Computers in Cardiology 2000;27:259-262.

Detection of Sleep Apnea in Single Channel ECGs from the PhysioNet Data Base
M Schrader, C Zywietz, V von Einem, B Widiger, G Joseph
Computers in Cardiology 2000;27:263-256.

Screening for Obstructive Sleep Apnoea Based on the Electrocardiogram: The Computers in Cardiology Challenge
B Raymond, RM Cayton, RA Bates, MJ Chappell
Computers in Cardiology 2000;27:267-270.

Detecting OSAHS from Patterns Seen on Heart-Rate Tachograms
PK Stein, PP Domitrovich
Computers in Cardiology 2000;27:271-274.

Bayesian Hierarchical Model with Wavelet Transform Coefficients of the ECG in Obstructive Sleep Apnea Screening
F Ng, I García, P Gomis, A La Cruz, G Passariello, F Mora
Computers in Cardiology 2000;27:275-278.

Detection of Obstructive Sleep Apnea through Auditory Display of Heart-Rate Variability
M Ballora, B Pennycook, PCh Ivanov, A Goldberger, L Glass
Computers in Cardiology 2000;27:739-740.

Recognition and Quantification of Sleep Apnea by Analysis of Heart-Rate Variability Parameters
C Maier, M Bauch, H Dickhaus
Computers in Cardiology 2000;27:741-744.

Automatic Classification of Sleep Apnea Epochs using the Electrocardiogram
P de Chazal, C Heneghan, E Sheridan, R Reilly, P Nolan, M O'Malley
Computers in Cardiology 2000;27:745-748.

Obstructive Sleep Apnea Classification Based on Spectrogram Patterns in the Electrocardiogram
J McNames, A Fraser
Computers in Cardiology 2000;27:749-752.

Detection of Obstructive Sleep Apnea from Cardiac Interbeat Interval Time Series
JE Mietus, C-K Peng, PCh Ivanov, AL Goldberger
Computers in Cardiology 2000;27:753-756.

Obstructive Sleep Apnea Detection Based on Electrocardiogram Analysis
Z Shinar, A Baharav, S Akselrod
Computers in Cardiology 2000;27:255-258.