QT Interval Measurement: Papers about the Challenge

The following paper describes the PhysioNet/Computing in Cardiology Challenge. Please cite this publication when referencing the Challenge.

The following papers were presented at the Computing in Cardiology Conference.

A Semi-Automatic QT Interval Measurement Based on Digital Filters
CY Wu, HW Chiu

Fully Automated Method for QT Interval Measurement in ECG
II Christov, II Simova

Challenge 2006: QT Interval Measurement
R Schneider, A Bauer, P Barthel, G Schmidt

Integrative Approach for the Measurement of the QT Interval
MA Mneimneh, RJ Povinelli, MT Johnson

Cardiac Model Based Approach to QT Estimation
RJ Povinelli, MA Mneimneh, MT Johnson

Individually Adaptable Automatic QT Detector
YV Chesnokov, D Nerukh, RC Glen

Stability of QT Measurements in the PTB Database Depending on the Selected Lead
JP Martínez, R Almeida, S Olmos, AP Rocha, P Laguna

Fully Automated Computer Measurement of QT Interval from the 12-Lead ECG
P Langley, FE Smith, ST King, D Zheng, AJ Haigh, A Murray

Automatic QT Interval Measurement Using Rule-Based Gradient Method
V Chudacek, M Huptych, D Novak, L Lhotska

Automated QT Interval Analysis on Diagnostic Electrocardiograms
DA Tironi, R Sassi, LT Mainardi

Model-Based Determination of QT Intervals
GD Clifford, M Villarroel

Identifying and Measuring Representative QT Intervals in Predominantly Non-Normal ECGs: The Computers in Cardiology Challenge 2006
S Mensing, W Bystricky, A Safer

Algorithmic Testing for QT Interval Measurement
G Bortolan

Automatic Multilead VCG Based Approach for QT Interval Measurement
R Almeida, JP Martínez, AP Rocha, S Olmos, P Laguna

Reliable Automated QT Interval Measurement for Clinical Evaluation
W Xie, X Chen, L Dong, ZK Tin, M Sankaranarayanan

A QT Interval Detection Algorithm Based on ECG Curve Length Function
W Zong, M Saeed, T Heldt

Automated QT Interval Measurement from Multilead ECG Signals
D Hayn, A Kollmann, G Schreier

QT Interval Measurement: What Can We Really Expect?
JQ Xue

The paper below, which does not appear in Computers in Cardiology 2006, was contributed to PhysioNet by participants who were unable to present their work in Valencia.