Detecting and Quantifying T-Wave Alternans: Papers about the Challenge

The following paper describes the PhysioNet/Computing in Cardiology Challenge. Please cite this publication when referencing the Challenge.

The following papers were presented at the Computing in Cardiology Conference.

An Open-Source Standard T-Wave Alternans Detector for Benchmarking
A Khaustov, S Nemati, GD Clifford

Heart-Rate Adaptive Match Filter Based Procedure to Detect and Quantify T-Wave Alternans
L Burattini, R Burattini

Estimation of T-Wave Alternans from Multi-Lead ECG Signals Using a Modified Moving Average Method
GM Nijm, S Swiryn, AC Larson, AV Sahakian

Principal Component Analysis for Detection and Assessment of T-Wave Alternans
G Bortolan, II Christov

T-Wave Alternans Ranking: Striking Disagreement between Two Vectorcardiographic Measures of Repolarization Heterogeneity
S Man, AC Maan, MJ Schalij, EE van der Wall, CA Swenne

T-Wave Alternans: A Comparison of Different Measurement Techniques
D Zheng, S Stevens, P Langley, K Wang, AJ Haigh, S King, A Murray

Multilead T-Wave Alternans Quantification Based on Spatial Filtering and the Laplacian Likelihood Ratio Method
V Monasterio, JP Martínez

Analysis of T-Wave Alternans Using the Ramanujan Transform
LT Mainardi, M Bertinelli, R Sassi

An Improved Spectral Method of Detecting and Quantifying T-Wave Alternans for SCD Risk Evaluation
TW Shen, YT Tsao

An Electrophysiological Cardiac Model Approach to Measuring T-Wave Alternans
MA Mneimneh, RJ Povinelli

Detection and Estimation of T-Wave Alternans with Matched Filter and Nonparametric Bootstrap Test
JL Rojo-Álvarez, O Barquero-Pérez, I Mora-Jimenez, R Goya-Esteban, J Gimeno-Blanes, A Garcia-Alberola

Correlation between Multifractal Spectrum Based on Wavelet Leaders and T-Wave Alternans
R Cardo, A Corvalán

New Method for the Detection of T-Wave Alternans in Basis of Walsh Functions
OV Melnik

Principal Component Analysis Based Method for Detection and Evaluation of ECG T-Wave Alternans
R Simoliuniene, A Krisciukaitis, A Macas, Baksyte G, Saferis V, R Zaliunas

Detecting and Quantifying T-Wave Alternans Using the Correlation Method and Comparison with the FFT-Based Method
A Ghaffari, MR Homaeinezhad, M Atarod, R Rahmani

Hybrid Detector for the T-Wave Alternans Challenge
O Meste, R Alegre de la Soujeole, O Tala

Nonlinear Detection of T-Wave Alternans
H Väänänen H

An Artificial Multi-Channel Model for Generating Abnormal Electrocardiographic Rhythms
GD Clifford, S Nemati, R Sameni