New software package added to PhysioToolkit: ECG-kit

Nov. 9, 2015

ECG-kit. This toolbox is a collection of MATLAB tools that Mariano Llamedo Soria used, adapted or developed during his PhD and post-doc work with the Besicos group at University of Zaragoza, Spain and at the National Technological University of Buenos Aires, Argentina. The main feature of this toolbox is that it allows the use of several popular algorithms for ECG processing, including: Algorithms from Physionet's WFDB software package; QRS detectors, such as gqrs, wqrs, wavedet, ecgpuwave, Pan and Tompkins, EP limited; Wavelet-based ECG delineator; Pulse wave detectors as wabp and wavePPG; and a2hbc and EP limited heartbeat classifiers.

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