Classifications for the 2009 CinC/PhysioNet Challenge are now available

News from: Predicting Acute Hypotensive Episodes - The PhysioNet Computing in Cardiology Challenge 2009 v1.0.0.

Sept. 2, 2009

The Challenge has concluded, and the correct classifications for event 1 and event 2 are now available (follow the links). In addition, the c records (the data following T0 for each of the test set records, which have been withheld for the duration of the Challenge) are now available in the same locations as the a and b records that have been available since April.

Thanks to all of the Challenge participants, many of whom will discuss their work during dedicated scientific sessions of Computers in Cardiology next week. A number of participants were able to classify all 10 cases in event 1 without errors; many were able to classify at least 80% of cases in event 2, and the best result achieved in event 2 was correct classification of 93% (37 of 40) cases. The final scores, and the open source software developed and contributed by participants in the open source division of the Challenge, will be posted shortly after CinC.

Special thanks to Franco Chiarugi, whose invaluable feedback at every stage prompted corrections in the training set and improvements in the design of the challenge that contributed significantly to its success.