Announcing the MIMIC-IV Waveforms

News from: MIMIC-IV Waveform Database v0.1.0.

Aug. 9, 2022

We are pleased to announce an initial release of a version (0.1.0) of the MIMIC-IV-Waveform module. These waveforms are a rich source of patient information - including ECG, PPG, and Blood Pressure signals - and can be linked to the clinical information in MIMIC-IV. This initial release contains 200 records from 198 patients. An upcoming release will include around 10,000 records. 

The dataset was the subject of a workshop at IEEE EMBC in July of 2022, led by Peter Charlton, which demonstrated how to use the WFDB-Python package to extract and analyze waveform features. Executable notebooks and tutorial materials are available at: .