WFDB tools package for Matlab

News from: Waveform Database Software Package (WFDB) for MATLAB and Octave v0.10.0.

Dec. 6, 2003

A beta release of the WFDB_tools package is now available for testing. This package allows Matlab R13 users to use the WFDB library to read and write digitized signals and annotations such as those available from PhysioNet. The WFDB_tools functions are wrappers for the WFDB library, so that Matlab users can access the full range of capabilities offered by current and future versions of the WFDB library, including transparent access to data in a large and growing number of formats, whether stored locally or on remote web servers. The package was written and contributed by Jonas Carlson. It has been tested successfully under GNU/Linux and MS-Windows, and it should be portable to MacOS X and other platforms supported by Matlab R13.

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